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Hi there

2009-12-08 17:43:20 by Elph

I have been working on some pretty good stuff recently; it's very hard trying to finish them and turn them into songs but i will try my hardest. So ya, thats how i am :p


2009-10-28 23:10:26 by Elph


Early 2000s trance!

2009-09-19 21:16:00 by Elph

Love it! Post if you like early 2000s trance too. I love it with a passion and i will be working on some soon. Brings me back to when i was 7 years old and cranking it in my dads car. Good times :)

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2009-09-01 17:43:09 by Elph

Ok so i finnally got around to making a logo for myself. I think it turned out well. Please leave comments on what you think of my banner and my profile pic.

Thanks :)