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Entry #1


2009-09-01 17:43:09 by Elph

Ok so i finnally got around to making a logo for myself. I think it turned out well. Please leave comments on what you think of my banner and my profile pic.

Thanks :)


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2009-09-01 17:48:41

looks nice. what software did u use to draw this stuff?

(Updated ) Elph responds:

Well i used Photoshop,

I got some premade pics,

used some Effects/Filters

Added logo. Which is just 4673 upside down in a special text.

and then added some effects to the text.

So ya :)

For some cool pics to mess around with make an acc on (its not a porno site lol)

Ya it has nice abstract pics and good textures to layer onto other pics :)


2009-09-09 12:16:34

hey man i was lookiung at the song norweighan trance and i like it if i were you try mixing slipknot ot other deathmetal bands with your music or try mixing some dutch hardcore it will give of some great sounds

Elph responds:

Lol might be a good idea, maybe you should try mixing some stuff, i never been good with mixing sounds :(